Darius Simpson


Movement is to change from one state to another…
You can tell where you are by what people are doing with their bodies

We asked Darius Simpson to write a poem to open our film after Festival Co-Artistic Director Latanya d. Tigner had seen his work in a number of settings. She says, “He always lifts up dance as a source of inspiration, engagement, and integral to the spiritual well-being of African Americans. I felt this was something that would speak to all humanity.”

Darius has always liked to dance and has an overall affinity for movement to music. To better understand the intention of the Festival Film, and to connect across continents and cultures, Darius had many conversations with Sonia D. Pina, the Film’s Director, and watched rehearsal videos of the dance performances. For Darius, the Djembe drum is always a source of inspiration. African drumming and dancing, especially in closed spaces, brought life to language for this poem. Darius was especially moved by Lahydi Dance Collective’s piece. 

Darius is a writer, educator, performer, and skilled living room dancer from Akron, Ohio. Much like the means of production, he believes poetry belongs to and with the masses. He aims to inspire that feeling you get that makes you frown and slightly twist up ya face in approval. Darius believes in the dissolution of empire and the total liberation of Africans and all oppressed people by any means necessary. All Power to the People. Free The Land. Free All Political Prisoners.


Dance Origin:
United States

Dance Genre:
Poetry – Spoken Word

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Darius Simpson


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